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Name: Halie
Age: 17
where u live: Maine
zodiac sign: Aquarius (sp)
sex: Female

kerry/bush-I don't really care, I don't like either of them, I really don't like Bush because I'm upset about this war. I have a lot of friends over there. =\
homosexual relationships- I'm for it, everybody deserves to be loved. And I have lots of gay/bi friends.
interracial couples ((black and white couples..))-I'm also for it. I don't see whats wrong with it. I've been in a relationship with black guys.
sex before marriage-If you ready, and safe..than its fine.
abortion-I don't like this. It really makes me sick/sad to think of it. But sometimes it HAS to happen, so I don't blame anyone that does it.

Top 5 movies-Haggard, Queen Of The Damned, Pulp Fiction, Girl Interupted, Grease *lmao..yeah I'm a freak*
Top 5 bands/singers-HIM, Sicks Deep, Pantera, Slipknot, Twiztid, ICP, CKy...Opeth..the list goes on, lol.
Top 5 songs- Beautiful-HIM, Sweet Six Six Six-HIM, Escape From Hellveiew-CKy, Disengage The Simulator-Cky, Heartache Every Moment-HIM
Top 5 stores-Hot Topic, Strawberries, Pac Sun, Fashion Bug, Sam Goody.
Top 5 playmates-Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Carmella DeCesare, Marilyn Monroe

*Random Questions*
Why should you be a playmate?-Because I love to look good, and I love to show off my bod, lol.
What to you makes a person eligable to be a playmate?-You have to have a good body, and not only do you have to be beautiful on the outside, but you have to be on the inside.
Who is your favorite playmate and why?-Jenna Jameson, I think she is beautiful, and she is such a sweet person. She is actually one of my idols. I just love everything about her.

*I'll get a pic of me as soon as possible, my scanner is like busted right now....* Sorry! =\
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